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Kärcher WVP 10 Advanced Vacuum

The WVP 10 Adv is a lightweight, handheld, battery powered wet surface cleaner which provides the ideal solution for cleaning all flat surfaces, providing a streak free cleaning solution.


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The professional window and surface cleaner, WVP 10 Adv, impresses with its streak free cleaning of flat surfaces. Designed for professional use, the robust and lightweight device is ideal for cleaning windows, tiles and table tops, plus a range of other flat surfaces. It has a large dirty water collection tank and can be used in a vertical and horizontal position, and even overhead thanks to its large non-return valve. The WVP 10 Adv, leaves surfaces and workspaces instantly dry and ready use straight away, taking liquid collection to a different level.


Working width of vacuum nozzle: 280 mm
Working width of vacuum nozzle: 170 mm
Dirty water container capacity: 200 ml
Battery charging time: 50 min
Battery running time: 35 min
Battery type: Removable lithium-ion battery
Current type: 220 – 240 / 50 – 60 V / Hz
Weight without accessories: 1.7 kg
Weight including battery: 1 kg

Accessories Included

  • Battery
  • Suction nozzle width, 280
  • Suction nozzle width, 170
  • Dirty water tank, 200
  • Interchangeable battery included
  • Microfibre wiping cloth indoor, 1 x
  • microfibre wiping cloth outdoor, 1 x
  • Surface cleaner concentrate CA 30 R (1 × 500 ml)
  • Dirt Scraper
  • Fast charging station
  • Spray bottle (500 ml)




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