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Klorsept Disinfectant Tablets

What is Klorsept®?
Klorsept is a broad spectrum biocide in an e” effervescent tablet form. When added to
water, Klorsept releases an exact disinfectant dose, giving it complete reliability in use.
Irish manufactured and US EPA approved, Klorsept is used around the world in both clinical and non clinical environments to disinfect surfaces. Ideal for use in Hospitals, Dentists, Doctors Surgery’s, Schools, Public buildings, Airports, Catering, Hotels and Food Production Facilities. Suitable for use in fogging machines or as a wipe/spray on disinfectant.
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Klorsept® Advantages
Simple to use – Just add one tablet to water container. No need to stir, shake or measure.
Stronger – More effective than bleach.
Smaller – You can carry the equivalent of 1000 litres of disinfectant in the palm of your
hand – great for transport & storage.
Safer – Same pH as human skin so therefore will not burn or sting.
Shelf-life – Three years shelf-life.
Sustainable – 100% biodegradable.
Surface – Surface friendly. Will not corrode like bleach and will not leave any residue like Quats.
Effective against Viruses:
Human Immunodeficiency virus (HIV),
Hepatitis B virus (HBV),
Herpes virus,
Bird Flu,
H1N1 (Swine Flu),
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