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Kärcher Window Vac Replacement Cloths

A set of two replacement microfibre cloths for the Kärcher Window Vac spray bottle. Get a streak-free clean with these specially designed machine-washable cloths.



Cleaning windows can be one of the trickiest and most time-consuming of all household tasks. It can be incredibly difficult to get a streak-free finish, and dirty or streaky windows can really let an otherwise spotless home down. The Kärcher Window Vac window cleaning system uses three simple steps to achieve the perfect finish. Simply spray the window with detergent using the Kärcher spray bottle before cleaning and vacuuming the water away. The bottle features an attachment to which you can fix a Kärcher microfibre cloth and clean the window surface, before using the Window Vac to suck up the dirty water and leave the surface clean, dry and streak-free. They’re perfect for exterior and interior window surfaces but can also be used on other smooth surfaces such as mirrors. These microfibre cloths are completely washing machine friendly, meaning they can be used again and again to get great results. They’re compatible with WV2, WV2 Premium and WV5 Premium Kärcher Window Vac products, but are not designed for use with the WV extension pole.


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