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Kärcher Puzzi 30/4 Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner

Kärcher’s all-new Puzzi 30/4 makes carpet and upholstery cleaning easier and more productive. Using the proven spray-extraction method but with the added advantage of Kärcher’s revolutionary flexible suction tool, the 30/4 deep cleans carpets and leaves only a market-leading 9% residual moisture. This means that carpets and upholstery are left almost completely dry, reducing the risk of resoiling and enabling cleaned areas to be used again very quickly. The 30/4 has a very small footprint to make storage and transportation easy, and to enable use in confined spaces. The new removable dirty tank makes emptying and refilling easy and safe.


  • User-friendly EASY Operation operating concept
  • Removable dirty water tank
  • To protect against contamination, the dirty water tank’s handle is mounted on the outside
  • The dirty water tank is easy to remove and can also be used to fill the fresh water tank
  • A short description on the rear of the dirty water tank explains the work process in a way that is easy to understand
  • Extremely quiet
  • Thanks to the low noise volume, the device can be used anywhere. Even during business hours and in hotels
  • The low noise emissions protect the operator and allow longer work intervals
  • For large surfaces
  • Large transport wheels
  • Large tank capacity
  • The freshwater filter protects the components and can be removed without tools and cleaned.
  • An integrated filling level display shows the operator the current filling level.
  • Even with a full 30-litre fresh water tank, the Puzzi 30/4 can be easily transported lying on its back.
  • Good suction
  • High cleaning performance
  • Adjustable-height handle
  • Power outlet for PW 30
  • The integrated power outlet enables flexible use of the PW 30/1 without an additional power source.
  • When not in use, the power outlet is effectively protected by an automatically closing flap.
  • The PW 30/1 increases the area performance, cleans the pile with a rotating brush and aligns it in one direction



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Accessories Included



  • Spray hose with integral water feed, 4 m
  • Spray suction hose (m), 4 m
  • Additional handle
  • Wide floor nozzle with flexible suction lip



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