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Hyundai DHY28KSEm 1500rpm 34kVA Single Phase Diesel Generator

Hyundai engine – Producing 34kVA of reliable standby power.

“Silenced” canopy – Lowering the noise pollution and protecting it from weather.

1500rpm – Lower engine revs extends the lifespan of the generator.

AVR alternator – Can safely power sensitive electronic appliances.

ATS compatible – Can be paired with an ATS system for automatic start up and shut down.


Single Phase Diesel Generator

The Hyundai water cooled, 4 cylinder, 3,857cc diesel engine is an electric start (remote start function available) producing a maximum power output of 34kVA.

This generator can be used for standby / backup power, but is also suitable for use as a source of prime power.

The slow running 1500rpm engine is stressed significantly less than faster engines during use, which makes it ideal for daily use.

Silenced and Long Running Diesel Generator

The combination of impressive fuel efficiency and the option of running it on red diesel means this diesel generator also provides low running costs.

This is also a “silenced” diesel generator, meaning the sound produced is significantly dampened by the sound attenuated canopy in which its housed. This canopy also protects the generator from the elements, which guarantees it will continue to perform to the highest standard.

Power You Can Rely On

In the home and office you can safely power sensitive electronic appliances, such as PCs, TVs, laptops and more as the AVR alternator produces a clean power output.

You can also easily monitor the performance of the generator by using the digital control panel, which includes statistics such as the voltage, frequency and run time.

A 93L fuel tank allows the generator to run for 18 hours (at 50% load) before refuelling.

The digital control panel gives instant visibility for oil level & pressure, water temperature, battery charge levels and low running on engine.

Keep Your Premises Powered

It’s equipped with 2 x 230V / 32A and 1 x 230V / 63A sockets and a busbar.

It can also be configured to work with an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS), which will detect a loss of power from the mains, turn the generator on, and then turn it off again when power from the mains returns. ATS system sold separately.


Gross Weight (kg) 970.00
Engine Type HY4102
No Of Cylinders 4.00
Displacement (CC) 3857.00
Cooling Method Water
Speed (RPM) 1500.00
Voltage Regulation Method AVR
Rated kVA 34.00
Max/Cont Current (a) 119/108
Frequenzy (Hz) 50.00
Connection Method(s) 2 x 230V/32A, 1 x 230V/63A & Busbar
Battery Type (v/Ah) 1 x 12/60
Dimensions L x W x H (mm) 2200 x 950 x 1240


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