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Contract Hire

Cleanmachines can offer certain commercial and industrial equipment on contract hire.

Contract hire is widely seen as a popular way to operate cleaning equipment. End-users pay a fixed monthly rental which includes maintenance and servicing and enjoy a unique combination of features and benefits.


Contract hire is generally used by businesses that want to…

  • Fix their cleaning equipment costs for up to 3 years
  • Offset 100% of rentals against taxable profits
  • Take advantage of ‘off balance sheet’ funding
  • Enjoy usage benefits without ownership risks
  • Use their cash in other areas of the business


With Contract hire you have…

  • No need to budget for unexpected maintenance costs
  • No need to tie up cash in depreciating assets
  • No need to pay big deposits or VAT on delivery
  • No need to constantly negotiate servicing costs
  • No need to constantly borrow funds on an overdraft facility


For information on available finance options and pricing please call 051-410997 (New Ross) / 01-5653302 (Dublin).

Need some help or advice, or can’t see what you are looking for? Please call 01-5653302